Samuel Burt is a composer in Baltimore, Maryland who is also involved in free improvisation.

To commission or license music email composer.samuel.burt@gmail.com.

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Artist Statement

For sound art that exists far outside what is commercially viable, many people benefit from context. Appreciation is easier when the listerner approaches with empathy and curiosity to the composer's years of focused practice.

As an artist, I'm am interested in fringe experiments, in exploration that occassionally opens up new possibilities. I like the daring and the preposterous, while having respect for the past and its time-tested methods.

My music derives equally from the avant-garde and academia, while my core experiences with experimentation in music predate education. I have always searched for "what works" as my methods include many contrary traditions.

What does all of my music have in common? That can be hard even for me to discern. Certainly, I'm interested in new processes, but also in the disruption of process. I always have an ear to what works psychoacoustically and to what is possible, no matter how non-idiomatic, on an instrument.

I hope you enjoy my music, and, if you don't, that it at least raises points to ponder.

--Samuel Burt

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