Samuel Burt is a composer in Baltimore, Maryland who is also involved in free improvisation.

To commission or license music email composer.samuel.burt@gmail.com.

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Artist Statement

I compose music for people interested in the possibilities of the present. Each new composition arrives for the listener as an auditory puzzle, with its own internal logic assembled from my intuition and structural planning. Occasionally, this music provokes strong emotions, but its aim is subtler, a rewiring of the brain to be more accepting of work that goes beyond the common listener's feelings and experiences. Instead, I offer my music as an alternative source of uncanny inspiration and delight.

My work is multifaceted. I write music in the Classical tradition, fully notated and carefully structured. I improvise with other people in many contexts. Sometimes the music is jazz adjacent and, frequently, it is experimental, involving sounds that are outside the normal technique of traditional intruments and novel sonorities on new instruments. There is great support for such work in Baltimore, if light on funding. As an "elder" of this living, diverse community of sonically curious people, I seek to provoke more curiousity in new listeners and performers.

--Samuel Burt

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