About Samuel Burt

Samuel Burt is a composer in Baltimore, Maryland and a teacher at Goucher College. He is a board member and concert organizer at the High Zero Foundation. He received M.M. degrees in Composition and Computer Music from the Peabody Institute and a B.Mus from the University of Georgia.

Since 2005 as part of the High Zero Foundation, he has helped to curate the High Zero Festival, the Red Room series, and Worlds in Collusion at Artscape. In 2007, he helped found After Now, a series of performances of compositions by Baltimore Composers. Other notable activities include the Illusory Correlations tour with C.R. Kasprzyk, Speakeroids with John Berndt, and performances with Mobtown Modern including Lucier's Music for Solo Performer.He performs regularly in many groups, including Geodesic Gnome, Second Nature, and Death in the Maze.

His electronic music focuses on interactivity, guided indeterminacy, and non-linear control systems. He primarily works with Pure Data to create brand new effects, spectral manipulation, granulation, pitch tracking, and more. Notable work includes the Rhythm Prism which allows composer John Berndt to realize a unique new form of music called Relabi.

His sound pallet ranges from electronic manipulation and synthesis to clarinet and bass clarinet. In order to expand this pallet, he has been building, playing, and selling daxophones. He's been experimenting with other homemade instruments like scatchboxes and the trombloon.

As part of the emerging movement to provide free access to all of human knowledge on the web, Samuel Burt is web-publishing his compositions for free download on his website.