Hand-crafted daxophones, tongues, and daxes.
The daxophone is based on the principle of bowing tongues of wood. Each tongue is a unique work of art, with its own density, grain, and shape. The daxophone clamps the tongue on a sound board amplified with piezo elements on the inside. The length of vibration of the tongue can be shortened by moving the dax across it.
The daxophone was originally designed by Hans Reichel. My daxophones are based upon Hans' instructions found on his website which has a lot of other information.
You should consider building your own. It's not so hard. Feel free to ask me questions.
Pictures: fretted dax, daxophone with a tongue, four tongues.

Unfinished Kit
Finished dax, 3 tongues, legs. I make all the precision cuts, but the body is unfinished. You sand, solder, assemble, and stain the body and clamp.
Summer Special
Completed daxophone, dax, 3 tongues, legs. Includes a 3/4 German bass bow and rosin. Ask about a DI box.
Fretted Dax

Daxophones and tongues are made to order by hand. Allow 2 to 3 months for construction. Please, contact me, directly, about orders.
I recommend connecting the daxophone through a Direct (DI) Box into mic inputs. I also recommend playing with a volume pedal.
Pay with Paypal if you like.