Hand-crafted daxophones, tongues, and daxes.
The daxophone is based on the principle of bowing tongues of wood. Each tongue is a unique work of art, with its own density, grain, and shape. The daxophone clamps the tongue on a sound board amplified with piezo elements on the inside.
It is played by bowing (or tapping, scraping, plucking) a wooden tongue. The length of vibration of the tongue can be shortened by moving the dax across it.
The daxophone was originally designed by Hans Reichel. My daxophones are based upon Hans' instructions found on his exceptional website which has a lot of other information about the daxophone.
Pictures: fretted dax, daxophone with a tongue, four tongues.

Everything you need to play your daxophone, including a finished daxophone with legs, 5 tongues, a bass bow and rosin. Also, includes a direct box for those times when you need hum elimination. All you need is a speaker and an instrument cable.
Add additional tongues to this package for $25 each.

A finished daxophone with an assortment of tongues with different acoustic properties and beautiful shapes.
Add additional tongues to this package for $25 each.

I do the precision work, cutting, drilling, and soldering. You do the sanding, glueing, and application of your choice of finish. This saves me time and you money. Add additional tongues to this package for $25 each.

Each tongue is a work of art. You might have specific preferences for wood type, shape, or sound. Work with me to find the perfect new voice for your daxophone. Some rare woodtypes may add to the price.

Get three assorted tongues for the price of two! I build and select an assortment of complimentary tongues with different wood types, acoustic properties, and shapes.

Buy additional assorted tongues while you are buying your new daxophone and I will cut you a deal.

The dax is the heavy teardrop-shaped piece of wood that lets you control pitch. Typically one side will be covered in cardboard or leather to make a nice dampened surface for moving across a tongue. The other side will have frets to provide that auto-tune pop the kids have been craving. Maybe you have built your own daxophone but don't have the equipment to make your own fretted dax. Maybe, you just want to try one on your slide guitar.

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