Radical Philosphy

Why are you giving away recordings and scores of your music for free?

I'd like to maximize the number of people who hear my music. This would be harder to do if I was asking for money from everyone who wanted an mp3 or a score.

Science fiction author Cory Doctorow acknowledges that borrowing and recontextualizing old work is an important part of the creation of "new" work. Doctorow explains his publishing approach as casting seeds to the wind, rather than carefully planting and guarding his work. Giving away your work for free and providing opportunities for those who enjoy it to support you is the new model for networked marketing.

Additionally, I believe that art and science should provide open access for anyone interested. Despite income inequalities, everyone should have the opportunity to become open contributers to share in the development of ideas. Although there is a cost associated with housing the totality of human knowledge in data centers, it provides access to everyone around the world, inspiring innovation and creativity. This is ultimately a very good thing.


What's your business model? How do you expect to make money?

This is where you can help. If you like what an artist does, support him. Give him money. Tell him you like what he does. Commission work from him.

Artists work very long hours on each piece, much more than you can even imagine.

Artists have years of highly specialized training as is the case with any professional field.

They enter a job market already overflowing with people looking for work, yet they must make their art. Their lives would mean nothing if they weren't creating!

I have a teaching gig. It is quite helpful for paying the bills. I'll never make as much as a similarly trained architect, nurse, or graphic designer, but it gives me the time and mental energy to continue making music and supporting other emerging and underground artists.


How can I help?

Drop me a tip once in a while.

Play my music and tell others what you liked.

Voluntarily send me some money when you perform my music.

If you are in a position to do so, commission a new piece of music for an ensemble or orchestra.

If you like beautiful weird instruments, buy a handmade daxophone.



How do I contact you?

Please, email at the address below.

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