Dime Novel
For violin and piano

Recorded by:
Aurelie Bazinger-Dinnerstein, violin
John Chernoff, piano

With only two performers and three minutes to tell its story, Dime Novel manages to takes the listener on a long journey. The work features mathematically precise but organic sounding transitions from one musical location to another plus harmonic and melodic elements that are at times indistinguishable. Rhythmically alive and witty, Dime Novel is quite accessible.

Phrasing is a key component of Dime Novel, often hearkening back to the old ways of music -- the length of an exhalation, the duration of a sentence, punctuated and complete. Musically rhyming, the repeated chords and fragments produce a multi-dimentional poem.

Intersecting Harmonic Progressions

Dime Novel's parts, piano and violin, move through harmonic changes. They each have their own rate of progression and set of harmonies.